Employees At Intel’s Chandler Plant Injured Due To Chemical Leak

Posted Jun 30, 2013

At Intel’s semiconductor manufacturing plant in Chandler, Arizona, there was a chemical leak.  The leak caused 12 people to be sent to the hospital and 43 people being evaluated by medical personnel, according to AZCentral.com.  The nitrogen gas leak happened at around 6AM MST in Fab 32, which is one of Intel’s three silicon fabrication planets at the company’s Chandler offices.

Fab 32 is known for manufacturing 300mm silicon wafers on Intel’s 45-nanometer and 32-nanometer technology nodes.  There are around 11,000 workers based at Intel’s Chandler facilities.

On Saturday, 75 first responders arrived at the accident scene on Saturday.  Intel was able to stop the leak and it is no longer an ongoing threat.  The leak was caused by a problem from a single manufacturing tool in Fab 32.  The tool was taken offline and the operations at the plant resumed.