Intel Corporation (INTC) announces Pocket Avatars app

Posted Jun 19, 2014

Intel is generally known for producing chips for PCs, but the company has now released a social app for Android and iOS called Pocket Avatars. The app offers mobile message, but it uses cartoon avatars to show your facial expressions.


The idea was put together by the Intel Labs division. Generally Intel Labs comes up with ideas that never become products, but they made an exception with Pocket Avatars. Intel Labs ran a beta test of the app last summer.

The app uses the front-facing camera to record the message and then combines your voice and expressions using one of 40+ characters, including Lego figures Annoying Orange, Gumby, Care Bears, and President Obama. Half of the characters are available for free and others can be bought via in-app purchases at $0.99 each.

The messages can be sent through e-mail, Twitter, and SMS.

[Source: TNW]
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