Intel Corporation (INTC) Says Haswell Will Have 50% More Battery Life

Posted May 24, 2013

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) recently announced a new line of Core processors called Haswell.  Haswell is expected to offer 50% more battery life in laptops than the Ivy Bridge processors.  Haswell chips are designed to work well with laptops and tablets while featuring lower power consumption, according to Intel corporate VP and general manager of the Intel Architecture Group Rani Borkar as reported by PCW.

Borkar added that the longer battery life will not bring a cost to the performance.  She added that when the chip is in idle or standby mode, it can extend the battery lift up to 20 times.

Next month, Intel will showcase the Haswell processors at the Computex trade show in Taipai.  Intel tends to update their instruction set architecture every two years and Haswell is the newest iteration.  Haswell will have double the graphics performance for laptops and triple the performance of desktops.

One of the major issues with the PC industry is that certain manufacturers have a hard time keeping up with the increases in processor performances.  In order to get an ultrabook or tablet to go from a 7 to 8 hour  to a 10 to 12 hour battery life, the manufacturer has to build efficient displays.

Regardless, Intel’s Haswell processors will make a huge impact on the market.  It will be exciting to see Haswell integrated in PCs and Macs.