Intel Is Acquiring Sensory Networks For $20 Million

Posted Oct 1, 2013

Sensory Networks is a startup that was founded in Australia in 2003.  Intel has acquired Sensory Networks for $20 million, acceding to sources with SMH.  All of the Sensory Networks employees will be joining Intel.  Intel spokesman Chris Kraeuter confirmed the deal, but the terms of the deal was undisclosed.


Sensory Networks builds pattern matching and acceleration software technology that is used in firewalls to detect e-mail spam and viruses.

Sensory Networks was founded in 2003 by several technology entrepreneurs, including Matt Barrie.  Barrie is known for launching the company  Nicholas de Jong and Darren Williams are the other co-founders of Sensory Networks.  Those two also work at Freelancer.  Stephen Gould was another co-founder of Sensory Networks, but now he is a senior lecturer at the Australian National University.

Sensory Networks raised around $30 million in venture capital.  There are currently five employees at Sensory Networks.