Intel Changes Motto To “Look Inside” From “Sponsors Of Tomorrow”

Posted Jun 4, 2013

Intel has changed their motto from “Sponsors of tomorrow” to “Look inside.”  Intel has been using “sponsors of tomorrow” since May 2009.  The new motto sounds similar to the company’s classic motto “Intel inside,” which they were using since 1991.

“‘Sponsors of tomorrow’ didn?t leverage our heritage as much as ‘Look inside’ does,” stated Intel’s vice president and CMO Deborah Conrad in an interview with The New York Times. “‘Look inside’ is a call to action, and ‘Intel inside’ says, ‘Hey, here I am.'”

Conrad added that “Sponsors of tomorrow” reached their limits in terms of engaging with consumers even though the motto was popular internally.

Intel is working with Venables Bell & Partners in San Francisco as the lead creative agency.  The “Look inside” motto will be a strategic way of Intel’s brand promise of innovation.

The new campaign will be featured in a commercial during “Girl Rising,” a documentary that CNN and CNN International is telecasting on June 26th.  The commercial will promote Intel’s partnership with 10×10, which is a nonprofit aimed at educating girls around the world.

Intel spent over $53.8 million to advertise in major media advertising last year, according to Kantar Media.  They will likely will spend more to push the new motto this year.