Intel Reveals That They Are Working On A Web TV Service

Posted Feb 13, 2013

There is a group at Intel known as Intel Media.  This group is negotiating with TV programming content executives to launch a new service called Intel Web TV.  Intel’s Web TV service would compete against services like Netflix and Hulu.  The advantage that Intel Web TV will offer is that they will have live television broadcasts along with previously aired TV shows and movies.

Intel Corporate VP Erik Huggers announced the news at the D: Dive Into Media conference.  Between Intel’s upcoming set-top box and the Web TV service, Hugger said that the company’s goal is to ?build the best Internet television service ever.?

Intel said that they are “working with the entire industry” to make this possible.  The Intel Web TV service is expected to arrive within 2013 and is expected to work well with apps and other on-demand content.

[Source: SlashGear]