Intel, Samsung, and Telefónica Put Money Into Expect Labs

Posted Apr 30, 2013

Expect Labs is a startup that is known for developing a product called the Anticipatory Computing Engine.  The Anticipatory Computing Engine supposedly has the capability to detect what we are looking for even before we start searching for it.  Samsung, Intel, and Telefónica wanted in on the action for this startup so all 3 companies put money into it through their respective venture capital arms: Samsung Venture Investment Corporation, Intel Capital and Telefónica Digital.

The Anticipatory Computing Engine utilizes natural language processing to track a conversation and pull up relevant information for that specific user.  An example that TheNextWeb wrote about is that if the Engine is powering a VoIP application that you are using, then it could listen in the background.  If you mention a restaurant, then it could pull up the restaurant hours and directions to that restaurant.

Expect Labs is going to use the funding to build their technical team and infrastructure.  The funding will also go towards systems that can handle large sets of data.

Some of Expect Labs’ previous investors include Google Ventures, Bessemer, Greylock, KPG, IDG, and Quest Venture Partners.  Expect Labs also has a partnership with Nuance for the use of voice technology.  Nuance helps power the Expect Labs’ MindMeld app.