Intelligent Raises $20 Million From Intel

Posted Sep 24, 2008

The venture capital arm of Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC), Intel Capital has invested $20 million into Telligent.  Telligent will most likely be fully bought out within the next year.  Telligent creates enterprise social networking and business intelligence software.  Telligent will be using the $20 million in funding to increase their sales and marketing teams.  Telligent will also be stepping up their advertising.

?Intel Capital makes strategic global investments to help provide enterprises with the latest tools they need for growth, innovation, productivity improvement and cost savings,? stated Arvind Sodhani, President of Intel Capital and EVP of Intel. ?These social media applications offered by Telligent will help push the boundaries of online collaboration and communication allowing companies to be more efficient and productive.?

Telligent products include Community Server, Harvest Reporting Server, Graffiti CMS, and Blog Mailr.  The flagship product is Community Server. Community Server has about 3,000 customers and includes blogs, web discussions, RSS, videos, and wikis. 

?The way people work together is changing and communication is happening in real-time at a much faster pace,? stated Telligent CEO Rob Howard. ?This significant investment from Intel Capital will allow us to grow our team, our capabilities and our reach during a time of market expansion.?  Depending on certain conditions, the rest of Telligent will be acquired.