InterActiveCorp Taking, Ticketmaster,, and Interval Leisure Group Public

Posted Aug 11, 2008

IAC/InterActiveCorp (NASDAQ:IACI) has five units that make the company what it is today.  IAC CEO Barry Diller is now planning on taking these 5 separate units public, thus giving them independence from working as one entity.  The five units are IAC’s internet businesses, Ticketmaster,,, and Interval Leisure Group.

Starting tomorrow, these five units will start trading on a “when-issued” basis according to  The temporary symbols for the properties are IACIV, TKTMV, HSNIV, TREEV, IILGV.  The properties is expected to be fully public by August 21.  The V’s will be then dropped off from the stock ticker symbols.  For about 20 days after the spin-offs enter the market, IAC will trade as IACID.

The list of all 5 business units and their subsidiaries are available at: