Internet Entrepreneur and Marketing Guru Seth Godin No Longer Publishing Traditional Books

Posted Aug 23, 2010

Seth Godin is an Internet entrepreneur whose name is synonymous with marketing. After graduating in computer science from Tufts and earning an MBA from Stanford, Godin worked at a company called Spinnaker Software. When working at Spinnaker, he met Mark Hurst and founded a company called Yoyodyne, an online marketing company. Yahoo! acquired Yoyodyne for $30 million in 1998.

In a blog post, Godin announced that Linchpin will be the last book he publishes in a traditional way. Godin had about twelve bestseller books ever since he wrote his first book. “My audience does things like buy five or ten copies at a time and distribute them to friends and co-workers. They (you) forward blog posts and PDFs. They join online discussion forums. None of these things are supported by the core of the current corporate publishing model,” said Godin the blog post. Godin plans to spread his ideas in non-traditional ways going forward.