Internet Entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal Gets Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting His Girlfriend

Posted Aug 13, 2013

Gurbaksh Chahal is one of the youngest and wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world.  Chahal was a bullied kid that sold his first Internet company called ClickAgent at age 18 for $40 million.  He sold his second company BlueLithium for $300 million to Yahoo! when he was 25.


Chahal is currently the CEO of RadiumOne.  Chahal was interviewed on Oprah in October 2008 and Oprah was raving about how he was still single.  Today Chahal is 31-years-old and he has been arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, according to SF Examiner.

BusinessInsider is reporting that Chahal allegedly kicked his girlfriend 117 times in half an hour.  Chahal pleaded not guilty to 47 criminal charges and he posted a $1 million bail on Friday.  One of those charges includes assault with a deadly weapon.  That deadly weapon was allegedly used to smother the victim.

Chahal allegedly assaulted his girlfriend after finding out that she went to Las Vegas with another man.  Prosecutors are saying that they have surveillance footage of the assault in his bedroom.  Chahal’s lawyers are saying that the charges are “simply wrong” and the allegations are “overblown.”

It is worth noting that the woman asked voluntarily that the charges are dropped after meeting with the prosecution.  She also showed photographic proof of an “unblemished complexion to SFPD authorities.”

You can see several videos of Chahal being interviewed below: