Interview: Bill Gates Wishes He Had Steve Jobs’ Sense Of Design

Posted May 13, 2013

Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates was recently interviewed by Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes about his relationship with the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.  Gates and Jobs were intense rivals, but had a lot of respect for each other.

In May 2011, Gates visited Jobs when he was very ill and talked about various topics including the yacht that Jobs was building and technology’s role in education.  When asked about what Jobs has that Bill wishes he had, he said it was his design abilities.

“What did he have that you wish you had?” Rose asked Gates during the interview.

“His sense of design.  That everything had to fit a certain aesthetic. The fact that he, with as little engineering background as he had? it shows that design can lead you in a good direction… and phenomenal products came out,” said Gates.

Check out the interview below: