Iomega To Create A NAS Device Running On Boxee

Posted Jan 4, 2011

Boxee has announced on their blog that Iomega will be manufacturing a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device running on their software. Many people believe that Boxee is a hardware company, but they are in fact a software company. Boxee’s aim is to get their software on as many NAS devices as possible.

Iomega is the company’s second device partner. The Iomega product will be either diskless, 1TB, or 2TB. Boxee recommends getting one of the devices with a hard drive if streaming HD video from your WiFi network is too much to handle. Boxee said that these devices is expected to arrive later this quarter. This is the MSRP of the devices:
No disk ? $229
1TB ? $299
2TB ? $349

[Boxee Blog]