iPhone 3.0 Operating System Declared Jailbreakable, But Just Not Yet

Posted Mar 19, 2009

The iPhone Dev Team Blog stated that anyone using a Yellowsn0w should resist upgrading to the iPhone 3.0 operating system.  Anyone that updates the operating system that is using yellowsn0w will lose the jailbroken software and will be unable to revert the baseband to get it back.

“And for those wondering, yes the 3.0 OS is jailbreakable on all devices.   It?s just those using 3G Yellowsn0w that have to show some restraint and wait for PwnageTool to create a custom IPSW that avoids the baseband update,” stated the blog.

The reason why people have on Yellowsn0w have to wait is because the iPhone communicates with the network.  Yellowsn0w capitalizes on the weakness of the baseband radio software on the iPhone 2.0 software.  Some of those who have Yellowsn0w have access to the iPhone 3.0 through the Developer Program so that is why The Dev Team is warning people now.  The Dev Team doesn’t have a timetable for when they plan on releasing a jailbreak tool for the iPhone 3.0 release.

[via iPhonesTalk]