iPhone Customers Around New York Are Seeing About A 30% Dropped Call Rate

Posted Sep 30, 2009

When Manoj Gupta walked into the Apple store in the SoHo area of New York, he did not expect the employees at the Genius Bar to tell him that his phone is acting normally. Gupta came in to find out why his iPhone was dropping so many calls. It turns out that the average iPhone user in New York was seeing a 30% dropped call rate, while Gupta’s iPhone was seeing about a 22% dropped call rate.

The Genius Bar at the Apple store found out how Gupta’s iPhone was performing by doing a stat dump. Since Gupta’s phone was acting normally, they could not really do much to fix his phone. AT&T does plan on launching a service to improve the wireless service within a household or office by using 3G micro cells, but improving the overall service around the country will take the telecommunications company some time.

Essentially what this means for iPhone users in New York is that you are getting the shaft. However AT&T does plan to add wireless spectrum to the Big Apple as announced earlier this month. If you live in New York and have an iPhone, please let us know what you think in the comments section of this post.