iPhone Game Fruit Ninja Sells Two Million Units

Posted Sep 24, 2010

Halfbrick, an iPhone development company has released some sales numbers about their game Fruit Ninja. The Fruit Ninja game has sold about 2 million units since it was launched. In the game, people cut fruit with the tip of their finger. Full press release is below:


September 23rd, 2010 ? Approximately 3 months ago, we made the announcement that Fruit Ninja had surpassed one million copies sold on iPhone. One million sold is an extraordinary achievement for any game on any platform, but everyone at Halfbrick is simply ecstatic to do it again with the same game in the same amount of time.

Fruit Ninja surpassed one million in 74 days, and reaching the second million from that point only took an additional 78 days. It’s on a roll, and Halfbrick has the entire world to thank for their incredible support of the simplest and most satisfying iPhone game on the App store.

Since release, we have also created a brand new website and blog to keep Halfbrick fans in the loop about all our major releases. Simple head to www.halfbrick.com and sign up to the RSS feed for regular updates!

To celebrate the two million, we did some digging. Some Holmes-like research. Here’s some pretty astonishing statistics to munch on while you slice up your next game!

Total Fruit Sliced, Worldwide – 24,342,983,809. That’s 24 BILLION. Extrapolating from that data, we can conclude that over 10 million tonnes of fruit have been sliced around the world. Let’s hope that it all fell into a giant juicing machine to create sweet, nutritious drinks for kids around the world as they go about their studies. Knowledge = Ninja Power, kids!

Average Classic Mode High Score – 196.60 ? We hear daily reports of players unable to crack 200, but for the trained Fruit Ninja elite, it’s not uncommon to regularly achieve scores of twice that amount.

Average Zen Mode High Score ? 194.68 ? There is a physical limit to the achievable score in Zen Mode due to the timer, but 194 for an average is impressively high. A seasoned player may only score 220 ? 230 on a regular basis, so 194 on average makes the Halfbrick team incredibly proud of its ninja apprentices!