Israel Technion University Designs Tiny Robot To Crawl In Your Body For Medical Purposes

Posted Jul 13, 2009

The Israel Technion University has designed a tiny robot for medical purposes.  The robot was designed using Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology.  The robot has the ability to crawl around in a person’s veins in order to make a diagnosis and potentially aid in treating artery blockage and cancer.  The size of the robot is about one millimeter.

There isn’t an engine or onboard controls in the robot.  It is able to move around using a magnetic field wielded on the patient’s body.  The tiny robot has outstretched arms to grip the vessel walls in order to travel around.  YIKES!

The robot can be moved around with a speed of about 9 millimeters per second using external magnetic fields.  The advantage of using the magnetic fields is that the robot can move around for an unlimited amount of time without needing a recharge.  Research is still underway, but progress is being made.  After that the tiny robot may be coming to a hospital near you.

[via The Inquirer]