Italian Boy With Down Syndrome Drops Out Of Case Against Google Executives

Posted Feb 21, 2009

A boy with down syndrome that was at the center of a lawsuit in a trial against several Google executives withdrew from a lawsuit.  He withdrew from the case this past Wednesday.  However the trial will continue as Judge Oscar Magi accepted the role of the plaintiff.  The judge will be representing the interests of people suffering from Down syndrome.

The Milan city council met for a second session on Wednesday.  The trial will be postponed until March 17 without hearing arguments.  The four Google executives involved in this case is David Drummond (Google SVP and chief legal officer), George Reyes (former Google CFO), Peter Fleischer (Google Global Privacy Counsel), and Arvind Desikan (former Google Video head in London).

The boy decided to withdraw from the lawsuit because it was not in his best interests to proceed.  Michela Malerba, Google’s lawyer also expressed regret about what happened.

“The decision to withdraw from the case has been taken because Google officials have not only expressed their solidarity over what happened but have also taken concrete actions that show their sensitivity to the problems of handicapped people and the grave problem of bullying,” stated Malerba.

The lawsuit is over a video that was uploaded to Google Video.  The video uploaded in 2006 had four kids making fun of a boy with Down?s syndrome.

“The agreement between the boy’s family and Google was a surprise to me,” stated Guido Camera, a lawyer that represents that Vivi Down association.  “No one knows the details of the agreement, but if the family of this unfortunate boy has received compensation, then I’m happy.”

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