ITC Judge: Huawei, Nokia, and ZTE Does Not Violate InterDigital Patents

Posted Jun 29, 2013

According to a judge at the International Trade Commission, Huawei Technologies, Nokia Corporation, and ZTE Corporation does not violate cell phone parents that are owned by InterDigital. According to Reuters, this is a preliminary decision from Friday. The final decision in the case is expected to be made in October.

InterDigital is known for buying and licensing patents. They accused those three companies of violating seven patents that are used to make 3G wireless devices. These patents cover data getting to the right recipient and conservation of power. LG ended up settling with InterDigital as they were named in the original complaint.

InterDigital requested the International Trade Commission to ban the sale of 3G wireless mobile devices made by the three companies.

The Commission said that one of the wireless technology company’s patents were infringed, but that the patent was invalid. They also said that the other six patents were not infringed. The judge said that the one infringed patent was invalid due to “prior art.”

InterDigital chief executive William Merritt said that the company strongly disagreed with the judge’s determination in regards to non infringement and invalidity. InterDigital plans to petition the ITC for review of the judge’s decision.

This past April, InterDigital was award $30 million from an international arbitration tribunal due to a patent license agreement with Pegatron Corporation.