iTunes 11: New Interface, iCloud, Better Search, Updated Mini Player, and Up Next

Posted Nov 30, 2012

Apple has launched the new version of iTunes, known as iTunes 11.  Apple redesigned the user interface of iTunes and it looks sleeker.  It has more whitespace and the default view is a grid of album covers.  When you click on the album covers, you will see the song listings.  The left-side column is no longer around.  You can switch to Artist/Album/Song/Playlists/Radio column view by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

iTunes now has iCloud integration support.  In the screenshot below, you will notice that the user bought several songs from the Maroon 5 album.  By using iCloud, he will be able to stream and download the other songs that he already bought and buy the remaining songs that he wants without leaving the music library.  The same feature is supported for movies and TV shows too.

iTunes has an “Up Next” feature that lets you set up a queue without building a playlist.  This way you do not have to use Shuffle or manually click on the songs that you want to hear next on your playlist.  Songs can be added to the Up Next section by dragging and dropping.

Apple also redesigned the mini-player.  Now you can search directly from the small window and manage the “Up Next” queue of songs without opening the app.  The search function on iTunes has been improved too.  Now as you search, you will see a pop-up interface that shows results for artists, albums, songs, and album covers.