iTunes Still Has A Spam Problem With Apps (xhumans)

Posted Sep 23, 2009

This past Friday, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) approved close to 1,400 applications. This is a record breaker for the most number of applications approved in a single day. Over 300 of the applications accepted were games.

Surely it is a good thing that Apple is getting many application submissions… or is it? Apple already had to ban a company called Perfect Acumen from the App Store which was run by Khalid Shaikh. Perfect Acumen had 943 applications on the app store and they were mostly crap selling for $4.99. By crap I mean 4-5 pictures of a celebrity selling for $4.99. It was an insult to developers that put in a lot of effort in real applications.

Now iTunes has another spammer in their midst called xhumans. xhumans has 459 applications and they are just as bad as Shaikh’s apps. Apple may want to look into this.