iTwin Instantly Networks Two Computers Together Using USB Drives

Posted Sep 16, 2009

One of the cooler companies I watched presenting at the TechCrunch50 event over UStream is iTwin. When you want two computers to network with each other, you have to setup passwords, set up the networking events on Mac, Windows, or Linux, and a series of other steps. iTwin makes the process as easy as plug and play. The way it works is that the USB drive has a part that snaps off and can be plugged into another person’s USB drive. While both USB drives are connected, both users will be connected too. It doesn’t matter where in the world both computers are.

iTwin came up with the idea when they realized that everyone knows how USB flash drives work, but people often struggle to network computers. Their product is intended for the mass market and not techies. About 200 million flash drives are expected to be sold next year. iTwin wants to penetrate that market and they plan to sell their device for $99. iTwin is based in Singapore. The company is led by Lux Anatharaman and Kal Takru.