Jack In The Box Social Media Campaign, Successful

Posted Mar 19, 2009

Jack In The Box is the fast food chain that is prominent in the West Coast.  Jack, the mascot of the fast food joint was hit by a bus and woke up from a coma on March 4 in a marketing campaign.  This Spring, Jack In The Box will be undergoing a total makeover including a new logo.  Duffy & Partners is the marketing company behind the rebranding.

On HangInThereJack.com, many people left messages for Jack the mascot.  It was supposed to be intended for a “Get Well Soon” message, but people really abused the message board.

“Jack in the Box killed people. They have poor sanitary habits and spread disease across the nation. Plus it’s disgusting food,” wrote Alexut in Utah on the message board.  There were many “Jack sucks!” messages.

“We were amazed, really,” stated Terri Funk Graham Jack in the Box’s VP of Marketing. Jack In The Box’s videos received over 4.8 million views.  “Given the overwhelming amount of response and engagement, we feel we’ve hit a home run.”

Skittles faced a similar problem with social media when they turned their website Skittles.com completely into a Twitter Search for anyone writing about Skittles.  People on Twitter wrote messages such as “Skittles causes butt cancer” and “Skittles killed my brother.”

However the Jack media team was braced for troll comments and didn’t let it affect their campaign in a negative way.

“For the social media portion of the campaign to be successful, we knew we needed to step aside and let consumers drive the online campaign,” stated Graham. “While we monitored the postings and videos on the website, we only removed messages that were vulgar or included profanity.”

[via LATimes] [Photo credit: Kirby Yau]