Jack Sheng Hits Over 2 Million Positive Feedback Ratings On eBay

Posted Sep 4, 2008

El Monte, California resident Jack Sheng, a seller on eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY) has created a major business around the online auction company. Sheng owns two accounts on eBay and they both have over 1 million positive feedback ratings: Everydaysource and Accstation. Both of these accounts sell electronics.

The company behind both of these eBay accounts is called Eforcity Corp. This company was started 8 years ago out of Sheng’s garage and the company has $30 million in revenues. The company also employs 180 employees in California, Hong Kong, and in other areas of China.

“It’s really about the American dream,” stated EBay spokeswoman Wendy Sept in response to Sheng’s success.

Nortica is a firm that tracks who has the highest feedback on eBay. Sheng ranks #9 and #15 for both of his accounts. “The feedback itself plays the most important role in attracting more business,” stated Sheng.

How does Sheng plan on celebrating? Champagne and cake reports the L.A. Times.