Jackie Chan Angers The Bloggers

Posted Apr 23, 2009

Fifty-five year old actor Jackie Chan, known for the Rush Hour franchise, is facing some heat from bloggers in regards to a statement he made at the Boao Forum this past Saturday.  The Hong Kong-born actor stated that Chinese people ?need to be controlled.?  Chan further fueled the fire by talking about how Japanese TVs are better than Chinese brands.

After that statement, Chinalawblog.com likened Chan to a self-loathing racist and Stnn.cc reported that they were extremely disappointed with Chan.  Many people are boycotting his concert planned in May at the Bird’s Nest stadium.  As much as it was a terrible thing for him to say, I think it helped bring him back in the limelight.  I almost forgot about Jackie Chan for a minute there.

[via WSJ]