Jajah to shut down on January 31, 2014

Posted Dec 4, 2013

Jajah is a defunct VoIP service that was acquired by Telefonica for $207 million.  Now the service will be shutting down on January 31, 2014. Jajah was acquired around four years ago. Jajah’s registered users received notifications about the shut-down over the weekend. Jajah offered discounted prices for two landline or mobile numbers and international contacts could be connected to local numbers. Jajah became a neglected product at Telefonica as the telecomm giant focused on their mobile app, Tu Go.

Jajah was founded by Roman Scharf and Daniel Mattes in 2005. The two of them have launched a company called Jumio since then. Jajah raised around $33 million in funding from Sequoia Capital, Intel, and T-Venture.

Below is a copy of the letter that Jajah wrote about the shut-down:

Dear Jajah Customer,


You are receiving this email because you have registered a Jajah.com

or Jajah Direct account.


As of January 31, 2014, Jajah will no longer offer any Jajah.com or

Jajah Direct services to its users in the United States or elsewhere.


This means that, as of January 31, 2014 you will no longer be able to

make any calls through Jajah’s website or using any Jajah Direct

numbers you have set up.


You will be able to continue using your account in the normal way

until this date however it is important to note that as of January

31, 2014 it will not be possible to add new funds to your account or

make any calls or send SMS.


Users who wish to apply for a refund of any balance remaining on

their account prior to the service closing may do so by submitting a

request at the support page,



After requesting a refund, your account will be closed and refund

processed within 30 days.


If you do not receive a refund you may contact Jajah at

JajahVoice@jajah.com no later than January 31, 2014 and, if

necessary, you may be asked to provide PayPal account information to

which Jajah can post the credit.

Jajah will not be responsible for providing refunds except as

provided above.


Thank you for having been such a valuable Jajah.com user.



200 West Evelyn Ave,

Suite 120,

Mountain View,

CA 94041,



Note Regarding FCC Application to Discontinue Domestic Service


The FCC will normally authorize this proposed discontinuance of

service unless it is shown that customers would be unable to receive

service or a reasonable substitute from another carrier or that the

public convenience and necessity is otherwise adversely affected. If

you wish to object, you should file your comments as soon as

possible, but no later than 15 days after the Commission releases

public notice of the proposed discontinuance. Address them to the

Federal Communications Commission, Wireline Competition Bureau,

Competition Policy Division, Washington, DC 20554, and include in

your comments a reference to the § 63.71 Application of Telefonica

Digital, Inc., d/b/a/ Jajah. Comments should include specific

information about the impact of this proposed discontinuance upon you

or your company, including any inability to acquire reasonable

substitute service.

[Source: TechCrunch]