James Holmes Charged With 24 Counts For Murder, 116 Counts Attempted Murder

Posted Jul 30, 2012

Colorado prosecutors have filed 24 counts of murder charges and 116 counts of attempted murder today against James Eagan Holmes.  Holmes is the former neuroscience student that is being accused of killing 12 people and 58 others at a Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

For every victim that died in the massacre, Holmes is being charged with two counts of first degree murder, one for alleged intending to cause harm and another for acting with extreme indifference to human life according to the court documents.  Prosecutors have filed 116 counts of attempted murder against Holmes.

Police in Aurora said that his apartment was booby trapped with the intent to kill officers and people that live in the apartment building.  He was also charged with one count of possession of explosives and one count of committing a crime of violence.  Holmes appeared just as dazed today in court as he did last Monday.  At one point he exchanged a few words with one of his attorneys.  He was not expected to enter any pleas today.  He could verbally enter a plea or his attorney could do it for him.

District Chief Judge William Sylvester barred video and still cameras from the hearing and said that expanded coverage could interfere with Holmes’ right to a fair trial.  Holmes had been collecting the weapons over the course of four months.  The four guns that were used in the shooting were bought legally at three Colorado gun stores between May 22nd and July 6th.  Holmes spent $15,000 buying the arsenal online.  Police found a shipping label from BulkAmmo.com in a dumpster near Holmes’ apartment.  Holmes bought body armor from eBay.

Police arrested Holmes outside of the theater after the massacre.  Holmes’ attorneys will likely push to prove that he is mentally ill in an effort to prevent the death penalty.