James Holmes To Receive Psychiatric Evaluation

Posted Jul 24, 2012

James Holmes, the suspected gunman that opened fire at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado during a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” will undergo psychiatric evaluations to find out if he is competent enough to stand trial.  When Holmes was arrested, he simply said “I am the Joker.”  Before the shooting, Holmes created a strange profile on AdultFriendFinder and bought 6,000 rounds of ammunition from the Internet.  Yesterday Holmes acted odd in court too.

Holmes was acting ruthlessly during the shootings and he may end up entering a ?not guilty by reason of insanity? plea in response to a first-degree murder charge.  However local defense attorney Dale Carson believes that James Holmes’ courtroom conduct could all just be an act.  ?Remember he was at a movie in role play acting as if he were the Joker. So he?s into role play.?

Holmes was delusional or acting delusional during an 11 minute hearing yesterday.  He rolled his eyes and spaced out several times while sitting in court.

Jordan Ghawi, the brother of one of the murder victims named Jennifer Ghawi, believes that Holmes is full of it.  ?He is a coward and a genius.  He knows what he is doing.  He is playing the system.  I don?t believe for a second he is sitting there with his wide eyes and pretending to be incoherent.?

James Holmes’ attorney will have to enter an insanity plea and mental evaluations would have to prove that Holmes did not know right from wrong.  Some people believe that Holmes was medicated at the hearing, but jail officials did not comment on whether that was true or not.  Torrence Brown Smith Jr., a witness that barely escaped Holmes’ gunshots during the movie screening, is filing a lawsuit against Holmes’ doctorsbecause of the medication he was prescribed.  It could take up to a year for the trial to take place.

Dr. Keith Ablow believes that an insanity plea will not stop Holmes from being imprisoned.  He said:

?Contrary to popular belief, defendants who are found not criminally responsible by virtue of a mental illness generally remain on locked psychiatry units for several decades?or for life. This has been the case, for example, for John Hinckley, Jr., the man who, in 1981, shot Ronald Reagan to impress actress Jodi Foster. He has remained an inpatient?with some passes to his family home?at St. Elizabeth?s Hospital in Washington, D.C. for more than 30 years.?

What I find interesting is how someone that is insane can win $26,000 in federal grants and study neuroscience as a PhD student.  The federal government gave Holmes $26,000 as part of an education grant that allowed him to pay his tuition for the competitive neuroscience program at the University of Colorado in Denver.  In my opinion if Holmes is insane, then I am the queen of England.

Holmes was only one out of six students in the program that received free tuition from the NIH.  He took an intense oral exam to get the grant.  If you can pass this exam, then you definitely know right from wrong.

Holmes’ next court appearance will be on Monday July 30th.