James Holmes Played MMORPG Game Ultima Online — His Character Name Was Joka

Posted Jul 24, 2012

A Pulse2 commenter by the name of Alice has reported that she has played an MMORPG game with her called “Ultima Online.”  He played on ATL shard and his character name was “Joka.”  When Holmes was arrested, he said “I am the Joker.”  If Alice’s story is true, then it confirms that Holmes was into really into the Joker character on Batman.  Alice said that they chatted with Holmes on ICQ too.  Below is what Alice said about Holmes:

James Holmes who did the batman movie theater killing use to play this mmorpg game with us called Ultima Online back in 1997 ? 1998. He played on ATL shard and had some weirdo character named Joka. Everyone who played with him including me knew he was weird and had this killing attitude about him. That was a long time ago (and many computers ago) so I guess Origins would have to pull up the chat records on their old server database to see what all his ?Joka? character said back then. Anyhow, he was always obsessed with The Joker and Joka stereotypes. You know like clown killing psychopathic garbage. Many of us played the game with him and have found memories. Anyhow, I figured it was worth mentioning because it is being decided whether he is mentally ill or not. There was another person who claimed to be Joka from the UK. But he was not from the UK ? I read those articles too. It was James. Duh we had him in ICQ chat. Wow, I havent used ICQ chat in years either. I did not know him personally ? just for like 10 months for gaming stuff. Never really personal just killing in game and talking about game stuff. His in game chat logs that Origin owned (no electronic arts) is another story. He has a bunch of weirdo stuff in their records. Makes me wonder if they still have it.