Jamie Varon’s Attempt To Get A Job @Twitter: TwitterShouldHireMe.com

Posted Mar 10, 2009

Jamie Varon is an unemployed girl living with her parents.  She wants to move to San Francisco and get a job at Twitter.  She wants a job at Twitter so bad that she created a website called TwitterShouldHireMe.com.  She attended California State University in Chico and worked at several startups.  On Twitter, she’s following over 900 people and has about 700 followers.  She’s written over 2,000 updates thus far.

Do you think creating a website and being that active on Twitter is good enough for Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Jack Dorsey to hire her?  They only have 34 employees and about $55 million in funding.  Sounds like she has enough passion about the company.  Maybe she should be an Evangelist.