Jammie Thomas’ Lawyer Wants Off Of The RIAA Case

Posted May 17, 2009

Jammie Thomas is a Native American single mother of two.  She is from Brainerd, Minnesota and became the first person to have a file-sharing copyright infringement lawsuit brought against her by the Recording Industry Association America (RIAA).

Initially Thomas was found guilty of 24 acts of infringement using Kazaa and was ordered to pay $222,000.  However the judge gave her motion for a new trial.

Brian Toder, Thomas’ lawyer told U.S. District Judge Michael Davis of Minnesota that he billed $130,000 of his own money for the first trial.  That money will never be recovered.  Judge Davis has not ruled yet on whether Toder will be released from representation.  The RIAA doesn’t have a problem with Toder’s removal, but objects against having him as a continuance.

The RIAA has sued over 30,000 individuals regarding copyright infringement.  Most of those sharing music have settled out of court for several thousands of dollars.