Jane Addams High School Principal Sharron Smalls Criticized Over Facebook Photo

Posted Dec 4, 2011

Jane Addams High School principal Sharron Smalls is being criticized for this photo on Facebook of her where chocolate syrup is being poured on her by a topless man. Jane Addams students passed around the photo to their classmates on Facebook last week.

To make matters worse for Smalls, she is currently being investigated for credit padding, which is giving students credit for classes that they did not take.

“They put me in cosmetology because we don’t have chemistry,” stated 16-year-old senior Clarissa Williams in an interview with the The New York Times. Many students may not graduate due to lack of credits.

Jane Addams High School in New York received an F from the city and may possibly be shut down due to its low rating from the DOE. The The United Federation of Teachers believes that the credit “double dipping” began in 2008 shortly after Smalls became the principal.