Japanese Company Invents Device That Lets You Go To The Bathroom In Your Sleep

Posted Oct 2, 2012

Have you ever gone to the bed comfortably only to realize that you need to get up and urinate?  A Japanese company at the International Home Car and Rehabilitation Exhibition in Tokyo showcased a device that serves as a personal bidet.  It can remove waste and dry the person wearing the device as they sleep.

This is especially useful for senior citizens where mobility can be an issue.  A sensor can be activated when suction mechanism is triggered.  Waste is removed rapidly away from the body before a bidet spray-cleans and blow drives that area.  The cup is connected to a duct that moves the waste into a tank.

“This machine is intended to ease the burden for caregivers, especially at night, and it also helps those in bed stay clean,” stated Muscle Corp. manager Daizo Igawa.  The device is called the “Robohelper” automatic toilet.

The demand for incontinence products has been in demand in Japan since the population is rapidly increasing.  Another Tokyo-based company called Mammary has created gloves to help aid breast self-examinations.  The Smilet glove costs around $7,147, which is very expensive.  But now you can rent one under an insurance program that is around 3000 to 4000 yen per month.