Parents Find Out About Daughter’s Death On Facebook

Posted Nov 27, 2012

Jasmine Benjamin, a freshman at Valdosta State University in Georgia, was found murdered in the study area of her dorm last Sunday.  Her parents said that nobody at the school had contacted them and they found out about her death on Facebook.  This is every parent’s worst nightmare.

This is the worst: Seventeen-year-old Jasmine Benjamin, a freshman at Valdosta State University in Georgia, was found dead last Sunday in her dorm’s study area. Her parents claim that no one at the school contacted them, and they found out that their daughter had died on Facebook.

“The [parents] said they are distraught because of how they found out about Benjamin’s death – through a friend’s Facebook post. They said university officials never notified them of her death,” wrote CBS Atlanta.

The university’s police department contacted both the Gwinnett County Sherrif’s Department and the Lawrenceville Police Department, which are the law enforcement organizations in the hometown of the student’s parents.  The sheriff’s deputy officer notified Ms. Benjamin’s parents about what happened later that Sunday.  However they already heard about it on Facebook beforehand.

Ms. Benjamin had been dead for 12 hours when the body was found.  It appears that the body had been moved and some people may have believed that she was sleeping on the study room couch.

CBS Atlanta 46