Jason Calacanis launches news service called Inside

Posted Jan 28, 2014

Jason Calacanis, the founder of Mahalo.com and host of This Week in Startups, has launched a news service called Inside.com. The goal of Inside is to highlight and summarize top news stories. Calacanis hired former editor of The Atlantic Gabriel Snyder to serve as the chief content officer. Inside will be largely mobile driven. Each of the articles will have news bits, but you can slide the article to read more content if you are interested in the topic.

Each update is going to be limited to 300 characters so the headline, image, and update text will fit on the smartphone screen without having to scroll.

Inside will have different news categories and a top stories section. The news gets personalized based on your preferences in a manner that is similar to Pandora for music.

“There?s a ton of great journalism out there. The problem is that it gets lost with all the rebloggers and aggregation sites that craft sensationalized and often times false headlines to trick the reader into clicking. Inside solves this by writing fact-filled updates and only directing our users to the best stuff. The people who lose here are those who don?t do original, high-quality journalism,” said Calacanis in a statement to TheNextWeb.