Jay Adelson: Facebook Connect Is Digg’s Next Step For Collaborative Filtering

Posted Sep 22, 2008

[image credit: Owen Byrne]

Facebook Connect is getting closer to fully rolling out with all of their partners which includes CBS, ABC, Hulu, Digg, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Vimeo, Xobni, etc.  Pretty soon anyone with a Facebook account will be able to log into Digg using Facebook Connect.  Jay Adelson, CEO of Digg stated that this is “the next step of collaborative filtering.”

All 100 million of Facebook users will be able to log in to Digg using their regular Facebook username and password.  With an increase is the number of Digg users, the social bookmarking platform wants to be able to cater to your interests.

It is the next step of collaborative filtering. It is the idea that instead of looking at a social network that you?ve created yourself, that you?ve entered in the names, I am going to look at all of you, everyone, and I?m going to compare you all together. I am going to find people like you and I am going to use that collective wisdom to find things that are more specifically interesting to you [TechCrunch].

Buzz words aside, I believe collaborative filtering is a way of saying that when you log into Digg through Facebook Connect, you’ll be able to find out what your Facebook friends are Digging.  So let’s say that I’m Facebook friends with Joe Schmoe and he Diggs an article about the “Top 10 Best Ways to Collaboratively Filter Something.”  Since Joe Schmoe and I are both logged into Digg through Facebook Connect, I will probably find out that he either Dugg or submitted that article.  That is how I envision collaborative filtering.