Jay Penske’s Mail.com Acquires Gadget Blog BoyGeniusReport

Posted Apr 27, 2010

Roger Penske’s son Jay Penske is a Michigan-born entrepreneur that went to high school at St. Mary’s Preparatory and went to Wharton business school at the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Mail.com Media Corp (MMC), a digital media and publishing company. Mail.com owns websites such as Mail.com, Deadline.com, OnCars.com, MovieLine.com, MailTimes, Fan.com, and HollywoodLife.com. Jay also founded a company that developed the firefly mobile phone for kids. Mail.com raised $35 million from Quadrangle Group in September 2008.

Penske has some form of interest in tech blogging because his company just acquired BoyGeniusReport.com, a website founded by former Engadget writer Jonathan Geller. BoyGeniusReport.com is about 3.5 years old and averages about one million hits per month. Geller is the sole owner of BGR and the deal was worth ?multiple millions? according to AllThingsD.com who reached out to him for comment.

The website employs three writers. Geller never went to college — he dropped out of Greenwich High School in Greenwich, Connecticut and started blogging for Engadget at age 17. He started BGR in 2006. BoyGeniusReport makes money through a partnership with Federated Media, but Penske will be replacing them with another ad provider. [AllThingsD]