Jenny Johnson Receives Death Threats From #TeamBreezy After Chris Brown Leaves Twitter

Posted Nov 27, 2012

Jenny Johnson is a comedian that is known for consistently verbally attacking Chris Brown on Twitter because of his domestic violence case against Rihanna.  Ever since the incident took place, Rihanna forgave him and still collaborates with him on songs.  Chris Brown was very active on Twitter up until recently.  He finally got fed up with the constant criticism he received from Ms. Johnson and some of his other followers regarding the incident so he quit Twitter.  Chris Brown’s Twitter fans, known as #TeamBreezy, are now sending death threats to Ms. Johnson.

The recent feud between Chris Brown and Jenny Johnson started after Jenny sent out this response to a tweet that Chris Brown sent out:

Chris Brown followed that up by calling Jenny a “hoe” and he said that he wanted to fart on her and poop in her mouth and on her retina.

The co-hosts on The View said that Chris Brown’s comments are “disgusting” and that he should be kicked off Twitter.  The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck said:  ?It seems like verbal rape to me.?

After Chris Brown quit Twitter, Twitter user @NellyBreezy said ?Do u wanna know what im gonna do now ? Im gonna kill that Jenny Johnson for making Chris delete his twitter.?

Other Chris Brown fans wrote similar threatening messages in regards to Jenny Johnson.

This past May, other #TeamBreezy followers made death threats against John Legend’s fiancee and supermodel Chrissy Teigen because she made comments about Chris Brown’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards.  Chris Brown told #TeamBreezy fans to stop sending death threats.  ?Team Breezy! Lets stop sending death threats! I know y?all bout that life but it?s the wrong message! Ur turning haters into victims!?

Jenny Johnson is not scared by the death threats, but is surprised to see how many she received — she asked Twitter to look into them.