Jetstar Airlines Flight Attendant Adds 15 Year Old Girl On Facebook, Forced To Apologize

Posted Oct 8, 2009

Jetstar Airlines was forced to apologize to a mother that said that a male attendant harassed her daughter. The unidentified mother is being referred to as Elizabeth in the media. The flight attendant supposedly added Elizabeth’s daughter on Facebook as a friend. The friend request was made a few hours after the Jetstar Airlines flight landed in Melbourne.

“Elizabeth said her daughters did not give the attendant their names but the younger one received a friendship request, followed by messages asking why she hadn’t added him as a Facebook friend,” wrote Australia’s editor Angela Saurine. “While it was originally believed the flight attendant accessed her daughter’s details through the flight manifest, Mr Westaway [a Jetstar spokesperson] said he understood the girl’s name had been obtained through a flight boarding pass.”

Jetstar initiated an internal investigation to find out the full story. In the meantime, the flight attendant was banned from making additional Facebook friend requests. Jetstar said that the flight attendant has been with the company for 2 years and has been a good employee. A majority of Jetstar’s airplane attendant staff are under 40 years old and are encouraged to engage with customers.

This is a pretty disturbing incident. If a flight attendant kept sending me friend requests and messages, I’d block him or her as quickly as possible.