The Jewish Student Union Of France Takes Twitter To Court

Posted Nov 28, 2012

The Jewish Student Union Of France (UEJF) has taken Twitter to court to find out the identities of people that constantly write anti-Semitic remarks on the social media service.  In October, some users had posted tweets with the hashtags: #unbonjuif (?a good Jewish person?) and #unjuifmort (?a dead Jewish person?) according to DailyDot.

The UEJF went to court Tuesday to find out who posted the hateful messages.  They are citing criminal charges under France’s anti-hate-speech laws.  A court date was set to January 8th in Paris.

The tweets were sent from 60 different computers.  UEJF president Jonathon Hayoun criticized Twitter for failing to take ?the necessary measures against racism and anti-Semitism when the situation in France has never been so serious.?  The police are already on the case around the #unbonjuif tweets and the investigation is in preliminary stages.  The case is focused on one particular tweet and the potential charges carry a one-year prison sentence.