JewTube And A Look At International YouTube Clones

Posted Sep 6, 2007

When I heard about JewTube, the first thing that I pictured was Adam Sandler jamming The Hannukah Song on his guitar.  At first impression, I thought that copies of popular Web 2.0 ideas just isn’t kosher, but then I recall an article that I read on Business 2.0 (the magazine publication that will be missed) last month.

The article in Business 2.0 pointed out that “international entrepreneurs, inspired by the success of some of the biggest Web 2.0 services, have created their own local knockoffs.”  While Business 2.0 seemed to use the word knockoff loosely, I believe that the actions of these clones are not unethical.  Sometimes the Diggs, Facebooks, LinkedIns, and YouTubes do not cater to different languages and cultures, hence the opportunity to make the clones.

Other international YouTube clones include:
Brazil: Videlog
France: DailyMotion
Germany: MyVideo
India: Rajshri / ApnaTube
Israel: Flix
Mexico: BuscaTube
Netherlands: Skoeps
Russia: Rutube
South Africa: MyVideo
Turkey: Resim ve Video

JewTube has their videos sorted by categories: Celebrations/Simchas, Film & Animation, Music, People & Blogs, Borat, Sport, Parties, Kabbalah, IDF/Military, Comedy, Entertainment, Israel, News & Politics, Travel & Places, Religious, Hebrew Hotties, History, and Education.  While JewTube still needs tweaks in their Beta platform and has a long way to grow, it should be interesting when the website has its bar mitzvah.