Jim Breyer: #1 On 2012’s Forbes Midas List Of Top Tech Investors

Posted May 3, 2012

For the second time in a row, Jim Breyer has been selected as the #1 position of the Midas List of top tech investors. Five out of the top tech investors have Facebook as a portfolio company. Investors in LinkedIn, Groupon, Twitter, and Zynga also put them in the list. Only 5 of the people in the list are women. This is one of the reasons why so many people are criticizing the list on Twitter. The top 10 on the list are:

1. Jim Breyer
2. Marc Andreessen
3. Reid Hoffman
4. David Sze
5. Peter Fenton
6. Josh Kopelman
7. Paul Madera
8. Peter Thiel
9. Kevin Efrusy
10. Jeremy Levine