Jim Breyer Of Accel Cleaned Up This Week

Posted Sep 2, 2009

Jim Breyer of Accel Partners had an amazing 24 hours yesterday.  Raytheon had acquired BBN Technologies and Disney bought out Marvel.  Breyer helped buy out BBN Technologies about five years ago which gave a nice return to Accel Partners.

Breyer was the third largest direct shareholder in Marvel Entertainment.  He made the investment from his own personal funds and not on behalf of Accel.  According to regulatory filings, Breyer will make $5 million personally from Disney’s acquisition of Marvel.

BBN was purchased by Bell Atlantic back in the day but ended up not gaining much traction after that.  BNN was started by three MIT professors that implemented ARPANET (the base for the founding of the Internet).  BBN was the first to create packet switching, the first router, and the first network e-mail using the @ symbol.