Jim Cramer Is Furious About The NASDAQ Being Halted Yesterday

Posted Aug 23, 2013

“How can Greifeld say they halted things to help the retail investor but then didn’t communicate to the press. WRONG WRONG WRONG!” said Cramer in a tweet.

“I am so darned steamed about this,” said Cramer in another tweet. “I don’t like to be rolled. I have been in this biz much longer than [NASDAQ’s] Greifeld. Just furious”

Yesterday, the NASDAQ went down for a period of around three hours.  Trading was stopped for shares in companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Tesla Motors, and Microsoft.  Nasdaq OMX Group CEO Bob Greifeld said today that the market was pleased with the way that they handled the outage.  Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money is furious with the lack of communication that Greifeld had towards the situation.

“I disagree that we didn’t communicate properly,” said Greifeld in an interview.  He said that the Nasdaq was constantly in touch with industry players.