Jim Goldman Is An Idiot

Posted Apr 22, 2009

According to CNBC’s Silicon Valley Bureau Chief Jim Goldman, all Macs come preinstalled with Photoshop. Macs also have 4x more battery life than PCs and they come with faster processors. Seriously how did an idiot like this get a job as “Silicon Valley Bureau Chief” for CNBC.

He believes that it will cost you $1,500 to get  a $699 PC  to perform like a Mac because Macs have higher resolution screens, weigh less, and do not need all the software PCs need to do “cool things.”

This guy has probably never used a computer in his life. He has no idea what he is talking about. I would be perfectly okay with a fair fact-based  comparison of the two.  But this idiot literally pulled this information out of his you know what.

Most PCs come preinstalled with anti-virus software. You can also get perfectly good anti-virus free of charge (AVG).  I have no idea what he means by “multimedia software.”  He apparently still lives in 1998. And where the heck can I buy Photoshop for $140?

I could go on and on but you get the point. Jim Goldman is an Idiot.

Seriously CNBC, you would be better off replacing him with a 5 year old.