Jive Acquired StreamOnce and Clara During Q1 2013

Posted May 1, 2013

Jive Software announced their Q1 results results earlier this week.  In the company’s statement, they revealed the acquisitions of StreamOnce and Clara.

StreamOnce allows Jive users to connect e-mail and other information streams directly into Jive.  Clara is an analytics tool that knows how to understand, monitor, and actively engage with community members across multiple online platforms.

“One of the things that we commonly hear is as customers roll out Jive, they have tens or hundreds of thousands of employees who get used to getting work done in Jive. They don?t want to tab or app hop. They prefer to stay in Jive,? stated Jive’s senior director of product marketing Tim Zonca.

In terms of the numbers, Jive Software lost $16.6 million on revenues of $33.9 million.  The company’s second quarter guidance is reporting revenues to be in the range of $34.5-$35.5 million with Non-GAAP loss from operations expected to be at about $10-$11 million.