Jive Software Buys Meetings.io and Producteev

Posted Nov 6, 2012

Jive Software is a social business platform that has acquired Meetings.io and Producteev.  Jive Software is a software company based in Palo Alto, California.  Their flagship product is also called Jive and it combines collaboration, community, and social features.  Jive went public in a $100 million IPO last year.  They raised $161.3 million from investors, which is around $60 million higher than what was planned.  When the company filed a Form 10K in March 2012, the company revealed 2011 annual revenues of $77.3 million with an overall net loss of $55.8 million.

Meetings.io said “we share a similar vision around the criticality that real time communications plays in changing the way work gets done.  Our team joining forces with Jive further accelerates Jive?s innovative use of webRTC technology as an integral part of its social business platform.”  Meetings.io is a next-generation real-time communication platform that lets people create video and chat connections through the web browser.

Producteev is a cloud-based social task management tool with customers around the world.  Any team can collaborate on tasks and manage work across any platform in seconds.

“As standalone applications and as part of the Jive platform, Meetings.io and Producteev offer dynamic and powerful social communications tools to help people deliver more business value to organizations,” said Tony Zingale, chairman and CEO of Jive. “We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome these talented teams to Jive, who will help us accelerate the innovation and power of our platform for the benefit of our customers.”

Jive has clients like Toshiba, Avon, Charles Schwab, SAP, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and EMC.

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