Joanne Bradford, Chief Media Officer of MSN Leaving For Spot Runner

Posted Mar 13, 2008

Joanne Bradford, Chief Media Officer of MSN is leaving Microsoft to join Spot Runner.  The MSN network receives 465 million unique users per month.  Before Chief Media Officer, Bradford was corporate VP of Global Sales and Marketing.  She was also the Chief Media Revenue Officer and in 2001, Bradford was VP and Director of BusinessWeek’s advertising sales divison. 

In the meantime, Greg Nelson, a 12 year team member of Microsoft will lead the MSN team.  Nelson was a GM of International beforehand.  As of a month ago, Bradford reported to Steve Berkowitz.  Berkowitz will be leaving later this year as well.

Spot Runner was founded by Nick Group and David Waxman.  These two created Firefly Network Inc, a company that Microsoft acquired in 1998.  Firefly had the technology that was used as the foundation for Microsoft Passport. 

Spot Runner is a company to buy 30 second TV ads online.  Investors include Battery Ventures, Index Ventures, WPP, Interpublic Group, and CBS.

[Image credit: Microsoft PressPass]