Joaqin Baldwin Puts Together Flash Game To Smash A.I.G. Execs

Posted Mar 19, 2009

This week, AIG executives have become the hot topic of controversy since some of them received millions of dollars in bonuses right before stepping down.  Joaqin Baldwin decided to use his creativity and skills at using Flash to put together a funny game that revolves around this controversy.

In this game you use a claw to grab some of the executives.  One of them is sitting in a hot tub, one is having a martini, one is wiping his buttocks with money, one is doing crack, and the other is getting it on.  Using the claw, you really destroy them.

The game is NSFW so I don’t recommend sharing it with co-workers, but I do encourage you to have fun with it.

[Link to the game] [via GamePolitics]