Jobster Co-Founder/Former CTO, Phil Bogle Joins iLike As An Engineer

Posted Jun 5, 2008

Jobster co-founder and former CTO, Phil Bogle left Jobster last year to start a company called MergeLab.  MergeLab is shutting down even though they were still in alpha mode so Bogle has joined iLike as an engineer. 

“Some of the things I like about iLike: the team combines smarts with personal integrity and minimal ego; they ship every week and iterate and learn rapidly; they have a small team and flat org structure without excessive overhead for meetings, process, or politics; theyâ??ve built a valuable service with tens of millions of satisfied users (their FB app ranks among the top in terms of user ratings); each developer owns substantial feature areas; and they have interesting problems in scale, data mining, syndication, and user experience. (Several fine developers Iâ??ve worked with in the past are here, including Mark Aiken, Scott Haug, and Ray Fortna.),” wrote Bogle on his blog. 

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has often times cited iLike as a company that makes great use of the Facebook Application platform.  Ticketmaster is an investor in iLike.  And iLike advertisements often times appear at the back of tickets sold through the Ticketmaster.

What Bogle is working on at iLike right now is hush-hush, but he’ll post it on his blog when iLike ships it out.  In March, I wrote that Jobster lost $11 million in 2007 and is seeking additional funding.

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